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Free Site for Game Projects

While our services aren’t fully opened to the public yet, any game related project looking for web hosting can receive free basic web hosting by us with upgrades that cost very little. There are some restrictions to this.

If you have a gaming project, we are offering a free website hosting for the project. Gaming projects can be anything related to the development of a game.

Basic Hosting includes a sub-domain provided by us if you don’t already own a domain name. A domain name can be added anytime in the future and I can also register a domain name on your behalf but that will be an upgrade, which will cost money.

Some things to consider;
You will be on our basic plan, which includes a limited set of resources.
Limited to WordPress or similar CMS system. No direct access to FTP or MySQL Database will be allowed.

If you prefer to have a static site instead of WordPress or similar CMS system, we can arrange FTP Access for that purpose.

All sites hosted by us must abide by the laws or regulations of the United States and conform with all copyright protections.

If you are still interested, please contact me on our Discord or Social Media platforms.